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The Beer Machine Co. manufactures brewing machines that can produce fresh brewed beers within 7 – 10 days and without additional preparation. The Beer Machine was awarded three separate patents from the United States patent office. Currently, the company offers two models. The company also manufactures beer mixes and beer machine parts and accessories. The Beer Machine Co. products: The Beer Machine - this product has the following product features Draft beer dispensing tap Pressur...
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Midwest Supplies is an online store that offers an amazing selection of brewing equipment, brewing ingredients, kegging, all-grain brewing equipment, wine equipment and ingredients, books, cheese and soda making equipment, mead recipes, and much more. Midwest Supplies has several shopping categories: Brewing Equipment Brewing Ingredients Kegging All-Grain Brewing Wine Equipment Wine Ingredients Other
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If you love beer, why not learn how to make your own beer? Here are simple instructions that will teach you how to make your own beer.
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Ethanol is described as a volatile, flammable and colorless liquid. It is commonly referred to as simply alcohol since it is the agent found in liquors that cause intoxication. This effect of ethanol consumption has been known throughout history and recently it has been tapped as an alternative source of energy.
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